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We are a dynamic team of experts whose comprehensive consultation services cover many disciplines related to the use of seaweeds in the modern bioeconomy. Our skills span the whole value chain including: feedstock surveys; detailed compositional analyses; evaluation of existing seaweed processing technologies; and the development of custom tailor-made solutions to either optimise your own process or to develop a bespoke process for your feedstock and conditions. We have a well-equipped lab and our team has a proven track-record in: consultation services, project development, and participation in top-tier multinational research projects.

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Harness Seaweed Chemistry

Seaweed species are diverse and have a rich and unique chemistry that can, with the right understanding and combination of process, feedstock, and market needs, lead to a variety of commercially-viable products that can make a real impact in the modern world. At Kaladan we know how seaweeds vary in composition, both between and within species, and how to effectively and sustainably-extract value-added components such as polysaccharides and bioactive compounds.

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What we Can do for You

Whether your seaweed is brown, green, or red, we can find out what’s in it, optimise a process to extract the important fractions, and formulate a plan for making a range of saleable products.

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Our Ethos

"Sustainability is not a choice, it is our responsibility."

Lalitha Gottumukkala, PhD


Sustainable Solutions from the Sea  

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